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Yourdev focuses on simplicity for the end user and the websites administrator. Our ideal targets are small to medium businesses that need their image on the web, whether it's to market their services, events, products...

We are in a world of information technology where every bit of data counts. Get started now with Yourdev!

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What is the difference between a Standard Website and a Web Application?

It's quite simple: more or less?

Standard Websites

If you visit the site for your local restaurant and find nothing more than the hours of operation, a menu, directions from the nearest highway

or a static map, and contact information listed then you’ve got yourself a Standard Website.

Web Applications

However, if you went out and visited a website that had all the “static” information and then additional functionality such as being able to make a reservation,

view a customized menu that includes prices at your local store, order your food online, or purchase a gift card. This sort of interactivity is specific to a Web Application and is what differentiates it from a Standard Website. Put simply, a web application is a website that the user can control.